WordPress 2.4? 不,是 WordPress 2.5

WordPress 2.4 本来预计在 1 月 24 日发布,不过现在看来这是不可能了。Matt MullenwegWordPress Hackers 邮件列表 中指出,WordPress 2.4 将直接跳过,而下一个重要版本 WordPress 2.5 则将在 3 月 28 日发布。

下面是 Matt Mullenweg 在 WordPress Hackers 邮件列表中给出的信息。
In light of the big changes happening in the codebase and admin section, we’re going to push back the next release to be aimed for early March. This is the timeframe when 2.5 was originally schedule for, so we’re treating the originally planned 2.4 in December as a skipped release, as a result of both the holidays and the large changes which we weren’t able to start on until late October. There’s some good stuff in the oven, and we don’t want to rush it. The new release shall be called 2.5. Various official docs and roadmaps will be updated in due course. — Matt Mullenweg
大家看到这则消息也许会感觉很失望,不过大家也应该理解一下,WordPress 2.5 将是一个非常重大的版本更新,无论是主体功能还是后台管理,都将有很大的加强或改变。我们应该理解 WordPress 开发团队,他们也是想把真正好的经得起考验的 WordPress 交付给大家使用,从我个人的角度(我从事软件开发)来说,我非常尊重他们的决定。

而最近疯传的 WordPress 2.4 后台界面预览,也肯定是不切实际的。Matt Mullenweg 也在 weblogtoolscollection 的留言中指出了。

Disappointing to see that this demo for 2.4 stays with the highly inefficient and effectively uselsss Incoming Links from google.